Managing a nursery is challenging - we help solve everyday problems to make life easier and more efficient. Problem Solved :)

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Hi folks, Roopam here.

I am the owner of Beeston Nursery, a smallish 36 place independent children's nursery in Nottingham. I have been running my nursery for almost 5 years and in that time I have grown and developed it so it is a thriving, happy business that is very much part of our local community. 

I set up this company, DoodlyRoo, because I got really frustrated at constantly working things out again and again on paper and in my head. If you own or manage a nursery you'll know exactly what I mean...

I love solving problems, and because I run a nursery myself, I understand the frustrations that you face on a daily basis.

I know how daunting it can be when you look at software or IT or something that claims to make life easier, but then is too scary to set up  :(

I have a background in education, management and service improvement and I LOVE helping people save time, money, effort and braincells! I am not an IT person, but I love using it to make life easier in a friendly, easy to understand way...

That's why I have set up DoodlyRoo, and I have lots, and lots of ideas of ways to help you.

Some of them are already here,

some are in production,

and some are just a twinkle in my eye...

I look forward to helping you to solve some of your problems, and to make life a bit more fun  :)

Friendly apps and products to help you manage your nursery