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EYFS April 2017 Page 24

EYFS April 2017 page 24

EYFS April 2017 Page 23

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Sadly, it's written in a way that could leave you understaffed, and breaking the law. A sobering thought...

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Space Requirements here


20th April 2017

Why are the Ofsted staff to child ratios so difficult to calculate? I've been thinking about this a lot...

The Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework  is available here: EYFS on

This document is the legal framework that all settings providing childcare in England have to work to.

If it's in here, it's a legal requirement, and you MUST do it.If not, you could be prosecuted, or Ofsted could give you a Warning, or a Notice to Improve... or you could be closed down. Sobering thoughts. 

So, what does the EYFS say about ratios of staff for the children in your care? 

This document sets out the requirements for staffing on page 23 and 24. It's very detailed, and a bit confusing!

​Take a look: